West Coast Customs Wants to Give You a Cadillac Escalade // Omaze

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West Coast Customs

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West Coast Customs CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus reminds you it’s your LAST CHANCE to win a 2020 Cadillac Escalade with $50,000 worth of customizations! ENTER: bit.ly/Last-Chance-Cadillac-Escalade
Every donation supports PATH.

#Omaze #CadillacEscalade #WestCoastCustoms

Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez 11 ամիս առաջ
With a 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% chance none of us in this comment section will win.
Husky0990 11 ամիս առաջ
It’s fucken fake
Lueglam 11 ամիս առաջ
I think I’ll have the T-shirt
Emmanuel perez
Emmanuel perez 11 ամիս առաջ
I want it my uncle has been needing a car for 3 years I’m from San Diego
MISO HUNGRY 11 ամիս առաջ
biggest damn giveaway i seen on yt
Last King
Last King 11 ամիս առաջ
Ended may 14th wtf
maeciosaturday24 11 ամիս առաջ
Who won it?
jolo zafra
jolo zafra Տարի առաջ
man. this is crazy! seriously?! you are giving this escalade?! im so excited to know who will get this gorgeous suv.. i wish im the one. but the one who'll get this deserves it
jolo zafra
jolo zafra Տարի առաջ
oh its ended may 14 lol
Rekkless CC
Rekkless CC Տարի առաջ
air lift, american forces, and a super nice sound system
jameson sisnett 868
jameson sisnett 868 Տարի առաջ
ore netflix episodes
Eliseo Palestina#27
Eliseo Palestina#27 Տարի առաջ
I want one plz
Steve Տարի առաջ
Iv heard about goverment plans to introduce electric transport e bikes, scooters after lockdown. Its gonna be interesting.
BatmanTheGamer67 Տարի առաջ
karma. Տարի առաջ
Who has stayed with you in the shop? I mean is ish still around or mosko?
Mike A
Mike A Տարի առաջ
Heck yeah! I've also been entering every day for more than a month! Such an awesome prize and whoever wins will be lucky to meet you in person. The 13th is almost here 😁
Rob L
Rob L Տարի առաջ
I love what you guys do , keep it up , God bless you guys for that talent
Gxdz5xn Տարի առաջ
Never won a give away... but I just entered! Hopefully it’s a winner !!!
Katie Currie
Katie Currie Տարի առաջ
ye boy
STATIC Տարի առաջ
That could help.instead of throwing money into my accord.Theres always an issue.Need something reliable to go on family trips and to get to work without worrying if my car is going to start up or not
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez Տարի առաջ
I wish it was the Cadillac Escalade platinum
eduardo viron TV
eduardo viron TV Տարի առաջ
Goo day CEO ryan Greeting from Philippines, Bacoor, Cavite Senior Citizen Keep Safe n family.
Martin Guevara
Martin Guevara Տարի առաջ
i need thissss
Paul Estrella
Paul Estrella Տարի առաջ
Ever since im a big fan of west coast custom i loved watching every episode and i really love ryan your the man..
Arnel acaso
Arnel acaso Տարի առաջ
Urban Tech
Urban Tech Տարի առաջ
I want it but I want the back chopped off and make it look like a CTS with a trunk wanna b the first with Cadillac Escalade SUC
Raby Boy
Raby Boy Տարի առաջ
When are you going to make the next episode of West coast customs
Joshua S Raj
Joshua S Raj Տարի առաջ
Hi sir I was watching all your episode on discovery turbo loved them I am huge fan of your westcoast customs rocks my wishes to entire family
katuga kaintuloggala
katuga kaintuloggala Տարի առաջ
Can i get that? How
McKinsy Gebauer
McKinsy Gebauer Տարի առաջ
If I had any money to donate I would. Wish we could win a car for my family. :(
Celina Leonila
Celina Leonila Տարի առաջ
If only I could get something as wonderful as this lol. In my dreams ❕
Khalid Mansour
Khalid Mansour Տարի առաջ
You're the best
Genesis Saqui
Genesis Saqui Տարի առաջ
I hope i won from pilipines
Francis Valenzuela
Francis Valenzuela Տարի առաջ
sir pls sir im from Philippines
Edwin H.
Edwin H. Տարի առաջ
This is fake, literally EVERY automotive youtube channel has omaze doing a car giveaway on their channel.🙄 dont waste your time everyone.
JC 310
JC 310 Տարի առաջ
Mmmm That's A Expensive Minimum Donation they are Asking 🤔
JC 310
JC 310 Տարի առաջ
@Connor Barth That Escalade Give Away Cost $25 Minimun Donation My Friend
Connor Barth
Connor Barth Տարի առաջ
JC 310 what is it
Роман Александрович
Роман Александрович Տարի առաջ
Sorry bro i am from Dnr but yuo do НЕВЕРОЯТНЫЕ ВЕЩИ ТЫ ЦАРЕК СВОЕГО ДЕЛА КАК МОГУ ПОМОГАЮ ПОПУЛЕЗАЦИЙ ТВОЕГО ДЕЛА просто комент в твою поддержку
captain save a hoe
captain save a hoe Տարի առաջ
Please 👐
yEx mc5
yEx mc5 Տարի առաջ
i want that 🥺
Rubi Robles
Rubi Robles Տարի առաջ
I’m too broke to even donate bro I wish I was able to because we don’t even have a family car and the one we have is my dad’s old rusty truck that can barely move 😒
Tierra McLellan
Tierra McLellan Տարի առաջ
Entered again. 😁
Scott Beasley
Scott Beasley Տարի առաջ
Does it have to be the 2020 Escalade shown or can it be the much hotter 2021 version?
Casie Tsuchiyama
Casie Tsuchiyama Տարի առաջ
This would be amazing to win! 🙂
crusader gamer
crusader gamer Տարի առաջ
I wish I had a driver's license right now
BrandonON Տարի առաջ
Definitely I want this one
D N Տարի առաջ
Give me the escalade im from germany pls
هوسات مهواال
هوسات مهواال Տարի առաջ
من العراق كل الحب والاحترام لكم
Paulo Ricardo
Paulo Ricardo Տարի առաջ
Mr. A A
Mr. A A Տարի առաջ
El Jorge
El Jorge Տարի առաջ
Wow this is amazing im gonna do it to see if i win it!
braulio miller
braulio miller Տարի առաջ
Very good
Lil Thang
Lil Thang Տարի առաջ
Can people that don't live in the USA win?
Colby Hernandez
Colby Hernandez Տարի առաջ
Pls let me win it
Thamsaqa Mthethwa
Thamsaqa Mthethwa Տարի առաջ
pls thami ❤️🍾🇿🇦
Thamsaqa Mthethwa
Thamsaqa Mthethwa Տարի առաջ
Wate Khutso
Wate Khutso Տարի առաջ
I want it plz
Gaming with Gannon
Gaming with Gannon Տարի առաջ
hi guys
Crazykitten 1011
Crazykitten 1011 Տարի առաջ
When are u going to put mor episode on Netflix
Lyimo Ej
Lyimo Ej Տարի առաջ
I’m gonna win it,,, sell it,, & build a bungalow in tanzania. That car worth two storey building in tanzania
Ethan Okie Tabi
Ethan Okie Tabi Տարի առաջ
AM-posts:no views 73 likes
Team Ghostric x SWAT
Team Ghostric x SWAT Տարի առաջ
Wish it came to india i would have taken it
Amos Harrison
Amos Harrison Տարի առաջ
Can I have it
Marco Medina
Marco Medina Տարի առաջ
Ryan Braun
Ryan Braun Տարի առաջ
Ay I can’t have it but my brother can
Dartagnan Meister
Dartagnan Meister Տարի առաջ
I want it!!!!
Joshua Ali
Joshua Ali Տարի առաջ
I wanttt
Pesohツ Տարի առաջ
NotEvenTrying Տարի առաջ
Yee yee! I want it
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